Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I have a website
It is not fancy but it is up.  I like it better than the one I created on google sites.  I was over thinking it.  Ladies on twitter (some of the fashion gurus I follow) take the simplest pictures and bam they have a website.  I followed thier lead.  Same way I take pictures of my babies dressed up (on a black faux fur blanket) I took of the knitted items.  I did like my husband said take pics of the things I actually have in stock.  What took me so long.  So far it is free and therefore I want to upload more pics.  i tiook me forever just to take pictures.  I would like to style the items better but i felt like that was preventing me form putting up my website too.  so i just went for it.  As time goes on i will get better.  Maybe even some models. 

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Nik said...

Just a heads up: I'm having trouble with the link to the website. I keep getting a message that says "can't establish connection to". I don't know if there's a problem on my end, so I'll try later.