Saturday, December 11, 2010

No More Christmas Card Dilema

What card will I make this year? Last year I took so long deciding, my Christmas cards turned into Happy New Year’s cards.

Not this year. I am going to use Shutterfly for my Christmas cards. It is a great place for cards, invitations and gifts. All I have to do is take a picture. The plan is to dress up, go to the mall and use their decorations. That is what I did for Mekhi’s first Christmas.

Then pick from Shutterfly’s great collection.I can do the same thing for invitations.
My thought for Mekhi’s third birthday party invitations is to use three pictures from ages one to three and go from there. Select a cute invite already put together and excellently arranged and use the same card for thank you cards use photo cards and a picture from the birthday party and change the wording. But what can you do about gift ideas?
I am doing photo calendars for all of grandparents
and natural hair journals for my girls that took the plunge and went natural. Decorate the journals with an inspirational quote like, “There is no greater beauty than the real you.”
I will have cards and gifts done with time to spare!
When I decided to use Shutterfly I did not know how handy they were. Did you know they will mail it for you? Get out of town! So if you are in a bind for christmas photo cards try shutterfly. Now it is onto picture taking.

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