Sunday, November 14, 2010

2 more

I can't stop making these hats. They take like three hours straight. I feel very confindent about my pattern. I am going  to put plastic canvas in the brim. On both of these I need one more for my tack christmas bags. Now to find some rufffle yarn. If I find more blue yarn I will make a blue and gray maybe.  Man I need to go to sleep. I made the grey hat because my boss is making one and she is like it is too small. I am like how is it too small mine come out fine. So to prove my point I made the gray one. Now the blue one because I had some blue yarn. And then I am like one more and I can have one for each member of tack. Even though I already have three. But picture wise I need to have one too. Yeah some tweed yarn. Just need to go acmoore and pick one color you get two hats per skein. Like I said before what about scarves? Or just something to compliment the hat?
Live your life as hard as you can!

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