Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I forgot

How satisfying machine knitting is. Took most of the day but I have a 80% complete garment. I have been trying for two weeks to get somewhere hell anywhere with my second fiona with no luck. This is my first sweater on the brother kx350. I don't know why but it is heavy. I made one side longer than the other and I hope blocking will solve my problem. I did buttonholes! Small buttonholes (only 1 yo). I plan on doing a pink and grey one not sure about doing it the same way. Did want to try my hand at the moss stitch jacket. I did this jackets edging by hand. My thought on the moss stitch jacket is to take away some stitches away from the left side and add them to the right side. I guess the moss stitch edges will be solid. I have to get a yarn needle to finish putting my sweater together. That is my knit night project. Can't wait to paint some of my doggie buttons to coordinate with my jacket. I pray I sew it together well. 

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