Monday, April 19, 2010

Raleigh NCEE Meeting

A good time was had so much so we forgot to take pictures. We had Lela taking pictures with my phone because I left my camera in the car. So sad I know. But we had a great time. I even bought yan at both stores! I bought some malabrigo at shuttles and cotton fleece at great yarns. I was so thankful Great yarns had a basket of toys. At shuttles Mekhi was throwing the yarn balls like baseballs. I just knew we were going to get put out. Ooooh! We are doing a knit along with niki from nik knits! She is going to design a tank top and we are all going to knit one! I can't wait so get your mercerized cotton ready ladies. All those not in attendace we missed!

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Virtuous said...

And we missed y'all!!!!!!!!!!