Friday, March 19, 2010


this pic i pulled off the internet.
I am from Oakland, CA. I have lived many places in CA. I remember them all fondly by the food eaten there. When we stayed in Bay Point there was this taco truck by my house it had the best steak tacos. Now for some reason i cannot find the chicken tacos i used to eat in bay point. They were made in a fried flour torilla with sourcream ooh man i long for those tacos. Oddly enough I cannot even find those (chicken made in the fried tortilla) in Oakland. I had some tacos the other day that almost reminded me of home. I am still on the hunt for that great taco. Moes has some great tacos too their chicken burritos taste like home. Now Moe's is the best american mexican food i have eaten. You know I cannot find a rolled taco to say my life. when i was gowing up in National city we used to eat rolled tacos all the time (I think they are called taquitos but these were not hard like taquitos) anyway I would love to find some of those. I am probably just home sick. I have not been to Bay Point in years it is not even the same I know i probably can't even get back there.

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