Tuesday, October 07, 2008

blogging from the phone

I have got this baby spoiled rotten. Nursing is going great now that I have the lanolin. Can you believe he is almost 6 weeks? He will be a month old on the 8th it does not even seem like a month has gone by. With my first the six weeks took its time I was glad to go back (I don't know why) but now I dread it. I undestand what dimples 74 means when she wants to cry because the baby is gowing up so fast. That is part of the reason why I am spoiling him because he is my last baby no moe teeny weeny ones for a long time. I will not miss the early morning feedings but the smallness (if that is a word).

Crafting? I bought the little loafer pattern and made 1 and 1/2 loafer out of the microspun I had left over and some hats for the baby. I felt so shamed I had him out in the hat he came home from the hospital in. other than that that is about it. I saw these knitted ballet flats from coco knits I want to try. Let me know if you have tried them


Nik said...

it's time for an update picture of you and the baby. I'm glad to know that you two are doing well.

Virtuous said...

Agree with Nik!

I want update pics!!

Glad all is blessed your way!

NikkiJ said...

Lanolin, oh how I love thee.

Why'd you wait so long to get it? I know that was on my list of 9/14, LOL.

Debora said...
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Debora said...

He is so cute! Glad to hear the breastfeeding is going well. Kiss, hug, and love on him as much as possible. Because my baby will be 8 months this week and I don't know were the time has gone!!!

Allison Evans Brown said...

What a doll!! I just want to hold him and snuggle! My little baby is now almost six months old and it seems like yesterday he was that small.

Thanks for writing and your blog looks great! I LOVE how crafty you are. Your work is awesome! Keep it up!

Have a good week!