Friday, December 07, 2007

Machine Knit Kaiju in the making

My yarn is not fancy just simple cotton/acrylic but it is cute. I made my swatch last night. I have a question though. Do I or don't I stretch it to measure it? Half is 1x1 rib and the other half is 2x2 rib. Once i get my measurments I am good to go! The pattern is fairly simple i do have another question about rehanging the side of the center pieces I am not sure what I am suppoed to be doing I am not sure if I rehang the entire side or just the purl stiches or what? That part is going to be totally trial and error. It takes a while to translate a handknit pattern to machine knit but no time to make it on the machine. My plan is to make christmas gifts. Realy not sure how to size it though just make them to fit me and if they don't fit I wll take them back! (Nah)

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Virtuous said...

you really swatched for this? LOL

Can't wait to see yours!