Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Almost Finished

Ok so I have bound off. See I added the cutes little pin (thrift store find $.80). I am going to take down the red and black bag i posted about earlier. I do not lke the bottom of the bag. I am going to do my bottom like Ranea does. I like how seamless her base and body are. I think that will look much better with this type of patterned bag. I want a tote bag in this jazzy chic pattern and i beleive this will do it. But you know what my left thumb is hurting. How is my left thumb hurting i don't really use it like my right. Like I was telling raena it time to take a break. Sad. Why now? I have this hot bag idea in mind. Maybe do it a little at a time? Nah I should not push it. Just take this time to line some bags. And my sewing machine should be fixed soon. Then I can be a bit quicker on lining my bags! On a sad note my cream wrap is more yellow than the cream in my bag so they do not match. Boo Hoo. But i do have a black wrap but it needs a lot of tlc to get all the lint off.


Virtuous said...

Luv the houndstooth pattern!!

Yeah don't push it!! Sorry about your yellow wrap! Pull out the black one gurl! Haha!

And I LUV your new banner. I really need help in making a unique one for me! Can you help me design one??

Hope your Thanksgiving is glorious and blessed!!

Virtuous said...

Love the Christmas holiday banner!!

Virtuous said...

Hey! What happened to the cute Xmas banner?!?

gold said...

Hope your thumb feels better.Good luck with your project!