Friday, February 23, 2007

What I have been up to

ok other than the freakem girl i made this felted bag. I was thinking that Nora bellows prism bag was nothing but big dotty it is not it is bit more than that I am thinking cables. it is not bad though it is a great needle pouch I have yet to find the fabric I want to line it with and I am still debating a flower. so you can say I have a flat prism.

Ok the bracelet or the beginning of a bracelet. at the bond meeting annette showed some bracelets and i am trying to make one. This is my first stab at square stitch. I took me about four try to get what i got i was putting the needle in the back of the bead instaed of in the front. Now the instuctions clearly sat that but you know me. it is taking way more beads than i thought i am almost finshed with a n entire pack of .99 6mm seed beads. i have a little more to go it almost fits around my wrist. then the fun begins. I have a cold so i didi not work onit last night. Still not feeling all that hot so it may be sat or sun before I get back to it. I had plans on using some amber colored beads but i think i am going to buy some black beads to match the square stitch base. I was trying to do this with out buying too much but i want it right so hey! now i need small black seed beads.
the next bond meeting is in april and i am bringing beads i really hope Annet is there so she can teach me to make somethingelse. Alexis is coming to the meeting too.

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